If you do not want any solid color or texture in your home interior, but you still want your room to look fab, you should try our printed porcelain tiles.

Printed tiles could be a great addition to your indoor ambiance. They will add glow, shine, reflect, and above all a continuous pattern to your floors and walls. If you wonder if it will be a good choice for your space too, consider the following indoor spaces designed with our printed tiles –

Pasadena 2x2 Printed Glass Mosaic Tile –

Pasadena Printed Glass Mosaic Tiles is most suitable for walls, accents, and backsplashes in your home. This 1 square foot tile comes with glass mosaics of 2 inches X 2 inches assembled on a mesh.

The tile features glass mosaic patches of blues and browns. This tile so beautiful that it makes you and yours guests say WOW!


Kenzzi Dekora 5x5 Subway Tile

Kenzzi Dekora Subway Tile adds a splash of contemporary styling to your indoor décor. It renders a mesmeric shine, smooth surface that makes cleaning a real breeze.

Best you can use this tile on your kitchen and bathroom backsplash and wall. You can use it to create a background for your tub, or for your expensive furniture in living room.

Enchante Splendid 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Our Italian Enchante Splendid Porcelain Tile features splendid printing patterns for your interior design. Build wall or lay it for flooring – the tile will always create a breathtaking design element.

Looking for more? Browse through our exclusive printed tile collection now!