WallAndTile.com brings to a wide range of walling and flooring solutions to give your home a touch of elegance and lastingness. We have recently added Arctic Storm Brick Pattern tile into our collection, which is a unique, beautiful, highly durable, and cost effective material.

It is already a hit among homeowners because of the perks it offers. This blog talks about some of those attractions of this tile, so you can decide if it would be the right selection for your next tile project –

Marble –

It is a marble product. And that is its biggest attraction for a large number of homeowners and interior designers.

Marble is an expensive, premium, and highly in-demand material. So, when you choose this tile for your indoor walls, you choose to have “the marble” in your home.

Honed Finish –

Specifically, it is a honed marble tile which lends a contemporary aesthetics in your home interior. Apart from that, honed marble has a low-sheen finish which gives your ambiance a warm, welcoming enhancement.

Mosaic –

This honed marble tile is a mosaic tile, which looks like a piece of art. The mosaics of (different shades of) marble are assembled on a mesh because of which installation of this tile is an easy job.

Suitability –

Our Arctic Storm Brick Pattern Tile makes an ideal choice for backsplash, walls, and other vertical installations. You can use the tile in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and entryway to create an awe-inspiring look.

Cost Effective –

Despite being a product of marble, it is an affordable material. You can buy it at a price of $13.95 per square foot. What’s more, it comes to your doorstep at no additional shipping charges.

Plus, it is an easy to install, DIY-friendly material, so you can save big this way as well.

Convinced? Buy Arctic Storm Brick Pattern Tiles now! If looking for more, you can visit our entire brick pattern mosaic tile section here.