Typically, glass mosaic tiles are a great choice for backsplashes, wall, and accent wall, due to the convenience they offer. Their advantages include high sheen, reflective, and easy-to-clean surface. Of course, we cannot and must not avoid the look of mirror glass tiles – which renders shine and plenty of brightness into your home.

Beautiful tiles made from glass, still solid and durable like a rock!

Attractive –

When it comes to look, there is no match for glass mosaic tiles. With their brilliant reflect and shine, there tiles never fail to clinch attention from onlookers.

Water –resistance –

These tiles are highly water resistant. Water, color fluids, and moisture do not harm to it. You can use these tiles for walls and backsplashes in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room without worrying about water- or moisture damage.

Durable –

Glass tiles installed correctly tend to live longer than tradition walling materials and even ceramic tiles. Why? That’s because of their water-resistance and chemical resistance.

That’s the epitome of mirror glass mosaic tiles. These tiles are heavenly beautiful and solidly durable. If you are looking to build walls or add shine in your space, this is the tile you should go with. Here are some of the bestselling mirror glass tiles from WallAndTile.com –

Our Recommendation:

1. Silver Cube 3D Glass 12x12 Diamond Mosaic Tile

This 3D glass mosaic tile features Persian antique geometric patterns with glass mosaics. Silver Cube 3D Glass Diamond Mosaic Tile makes a perfect choice for backsplashes and accent walls in indoor applications.

Some of best feature of this tile are: diamond-shaped glass mosaics and chemical resistance.

2. Pebble Lantern Arabesque Mosaic Tiles

This mirror glass mosaic tile renders the iconic arabesque pattern with trendy deep beige hues in your interior design. In short, it creates a WOW factor in your space with its offbeat look and feel.

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