Glenridge Midnight LVT is a new addition to our luxury vinyl tile selection. This vinyl tile is available in 6 X 48 size, and can work as a great substitute for authentic wood flooring due to its wood effect texture. The tiles come in boxes of 18 tiles which costs around $40.24 only.

Wood Effect –

The tile features gorgeous grays and greiges with subtle knots and slight graining to deliver the authentic wood look effect on your living room flooring.

Its wood look is not the only factor that convinces homeowners to buy it. Here are some of the other attractive features of our Glenridge Midnight Maple 6x48 LVT Vinyl Tile

Glue Down Application –

It is a glue-down tile. That means, you do not have to work with self adhesive tiles that cannot be removed and reinstalled once applied on the floor. Glue-down tiles require you to apply glue to complete the installation; and yes, you can remove them and make adjustment in your tile placement order even after a few minutes if installation – until the glue has hardened.

Easy To Cut –

What’s more, these tiles are super easy to cut and fit into your requirement. You do not have to work with heavy saw and machinery to cut these tiles.

Warrantee Backed –

The tiles come with a warrantee and are suitable for all-grade levels.  Simply put, they can be used for any area of your home – even in the basement.

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