In our search for the best tile surroundings, a quiet elegance or a rich diversity are equally found. In terms of analysis of the various aspects, backsplash tiles certainly take the cake. Which are the greatest backsplash tile designs of the century? Marble, perhaps, and that is everybody’s favorite. Patterns from Morocco? Crystallized and crackled glass types? Get your heart’s desire of the entire range of backsplashes you can imagine.

1. Bianco Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Become acquainted with the splendid ceramic tile that reminds of ancient Morocco. The words to describe them are elegant and a chic charm. You get them in 6 mm slabs. It is a neutral tile that suits backsplash needs in both kitchens and bathrooms. It matches extremely well with cabinets and other designer accessories. Not only are they stylish but durability is another name. They will withstand ages of rough use. They fit in well around stoves and sinks in the kitchen. Bathrooms could use them around the tub or shower. Get the shades that suit the surrounding or opt for monochromes, equally stunning both ways.

2. Crema Arched Basketweave Mosaic Tile

The marble magic has charmed humanity for many ages. The mesmeric name ‘marble’ originated in the Greek word ‘marmairo’ that means to sparkle and flash, and that is what marble does. Being a natural stone, marble suits both the contemporary and the classic styles. The typical veins and a sensational white background represent the stuff of dreams. Basketweaves on the floor occurred very commonly during Victorian days. Use them as backsplashes in the kitchen or as tile borders. Do you fancy them decorating shower floors and the bathroom environment? Among the various patterns, Crema Arched ushers in a grand home artistry. With beige and green shades that interweave through a latticework pattern, the effect is supremely dramatic. Get the best impact of precise polishing and the fine weaving.

3. Taos Picket Mosaic Tile

They remind of the days of the Romans long gone by. These tiles are naturally stunning with a timeless effect and appear like the handcrafted mosaics that the Romans built. What you get are the luscious shades of copper and tan, gray and brown in woven designs throughout the collection. Kitchens and bathrooms would stand tall under the effect.  Flexibility is the unique characteristic, whether a flashy or muted effect is desired. Mosaics of crystallized glass cheer up the surroundings at every moment. Some people prefer the monochrome shades of gray, white and metal. Otherwise, opt for several shades of blue and gray with a background of orange and brown. Live it up with favorite foods in the kitchen or luxuriate in the bathroom facilities.

4. Taza Blend Lantern Mosaic Tile

Follow the rich traditions that unite energy with potent colors in the Moroccan interior design style. The patterns get rather complex, though. The Taza blend tiles bring a western angle to the Moroccan approaches. Fill the environment with a gorgeous, charming mystery. The exclusive crackled glass tiles come in multicolored combinations of brown and tan tones. They would set kitchens and bathrooms aflame! Decorate the spaces around the kitchen stove and the sink. Showers and tubs in bathrooms can have such a luscious surround. Decide upon the effect. A bold approach would add elaborate lighting fixtures with orange and red walls, contrasting with white and brown. Yet special effects are achieved modestly too with the wonder tiles set against white, brown or gray backgrounds.

5. Blue Cotton Ice Glass Mosaic Tile

As the name indicates, here is a delicate glass mosaic tile blended in blue and ivory.  Imagine a peaceful lake spread out on an icy winter morning.  Blue Cotton with its mesh backing brings a peaceful effect of exquisite tranquillity. Translate that effect into kitchen backsplashes to create the icy look and feel. Shower and tub surrounds would feel elevated under the impact. Any wall project would benefit from the starkly dramatic looks.

Speaking of the celestial realms, the blue and cream shades of these exquisite glass wall tiles would remain etched in the memory. Kitchens and bathrooms particularly along with other walls would come alive in delicate splendor.  Lovers of creams, blues and tans, get ready for a visual treat.