There is a type of stone that makes the place look dramatic and elegant just by looking at it – the onyx stone. Today, it is integrated with other types of materials like mosaics to be used as tiles for flooring or walls. Onyx has been used since ancient times such as Egyptian times as jewellery for royalties. Like past times, this gemstone is still fabricated into materials for making the place a lovely luxurious classy palace style.

So what is onyx-like? It is a sedimentary rock that is a form of quartz which has taken in heat and pressure over a long duration when it is fused together. It is also mistaken over and over again for marble tiles. It is so unique and different from all the other types of natural stones and tiles.

Onyx mosaic is translucent and almost half transparent – It makes the tile an outward look of glass but not really glass – it is only half transparent, yet it looks like glass. With the proper lighting, the onyx can make usher out a glow that is warm yet enticing. Everyone is attracted to it and it still looks stunning in every way. This means that it is a must get in every mosaic. Everyone who likes a glassy mosaic will definitely need to grab this mosaic.

There is a misconception that this type of onyx comes in a dark colour. This might be because there are black materials that come along in the onyx making it a darker shade.

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