The best part of tile installation is, they can be placed or installed directly on your existing floor. However, that does not mean you should start tiling right away. You will need to do some preps to make your existing floor ready for tiling.

Here are few tips for preparing your floor for tiling –

1. Measure the area to be tiled. Now, buy tiles based on your calculation. Pro Tip: order 10% extra tiles to avoid delays caused by damages that often happen during shipment and installation. You will need to calculate the number of tiles keeping in mind the area to be tiled and the size of tiles you are going to order.

2. While the tiles reach your doorstep, it is time to do the necessary preparations. Remove all the furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Remove rugs and carpets too. Don’t forget to remove the existing baseboard tiles.

3. Next, it is time to deep clean the floor before installation. For this, you should vacuum the floor. Notice the areas with stains, dirt, and build up. Work on each affected area one by one. Use brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner to reach corners. Now, wash or mop the floor.

4. Let the floor dry. Turn of the fan and ventilation system to dry it faster.

5. Before you get started with tile installation, ensure that you have all the essential tiling tools with you. You can rent them from a nearby equipment rental service.

6. Mix the thin set as asked by the manufacturer and start placing tiles as always.

7. Grout the joints after installation.

One more thing you should keep in mind while tiling over tile floor is – the height of the floor will increase. If you are okay with that, go ahead, finish the job.

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