If easy is a terminology, vinyl tiles are the perfect example of that terminology. Vinyl tiles, or luxury vinyl tiles, are an easy to use option for creating beautiful indoor flooring. To install vinyl flooring, you do not need to be a professional tile placer or installer.

What you need is the right measurement of the room or area where the flooring has to be installed. This popular flooring material has made the life of thousands and thousands of people easier.

Being easy to use is not the only the reason people use vinyl. Here are 7 cool and attractive features that encourage people to use luxury vinyl tiles for indoor flooring –

#1. Hassle-free Installation

Unlike natural stone, metal, glass and ceramic tile, the installation of vinyl tiles is simple. It is a simple, less time-consuming, and not-at-all exhausting DIY project. In fact, if you love designing, this can be a fun activity to install luxury vinyl tiles.

#2. Easy to Work with

During a DIY project, natural stones and ceramics pronounce a great deal of inconvenience when it comes to cutting the tile as per requirement. You need heavy mechanical tools to get the right cut. Otherwise, you are damaging and wasting the tile.

However, with vinyl, there are no such tussles. You can cut the material as needed for accurate installation.

#3. Easy to Clean & Care

All types of flooring require watchful care and rightful cleaning and maintenance. You cannot use chemical- and hard alkaline-based cleansing solutions for natural stone floor maintenance. You cannot and should not use such cleansers for vinyl tiles as well.

The fact is, you wouldn’t need chemicals to clean your vinyl flooring. There are no chances of harsh stains on vinyl floor surface. Even if there are spills and stains, you can clean them easily with a detergent based cleaning solution.

#4. Durability

If you are looking for a durable flooring option, vinyl tiles can be an option to go with. At an average, vinyl flooring lasts for ten to twenty years, if installed properly and maintained adequately.

Technically, these tiles are damage and scratch resistant. That’s the reason why these tiles stay for more than a decade.

Some vinyl tiles come with nano-silver technology that provisions an enhanced ceramic layer, adding to the span and performance of the material.

#5. Versatility

From bedrooms to living and from corridor to entryway – vinyl tiles make a suitable choice for a variety of applications. The material is available in varying thicknesses, which you can choose as per the foot traffic of the room or area.

#6. Warmth and Comfort

Walking on a flooring made of LVT is a real comfort. Unlike natural stone and ceramic flooring, you feel warmth and comfort walking on LVT flooring, especially when the floor is free from dust and you are barefoot.

#7. Innovative and Stylish

If you need wooden flooring but are concerned about care and maintenance associated, LVT tiles can help you with that. LVT tiles come with real-like patterning of wood.

It is quite difficult, even for experts, to identify if it is LVT or real wood flooring.

Apart from these, the price of luxury vinyl flooring is in everyone’s hand. It is not an expensive material. Plus, its durability of more than a decade makes a favorite material of homeowners across the world.

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