Concrete or cement look tiles are different from cement tiles. Cement tiles are made from cement using molds of diverse shapes. They pronounce a great convenience in comparison to laying concrete floor.

However, when we talk about concrete or cement look tiles, we are talking about porcelain tiles that have been designed to imitate the look of traditional concrete flooring. These floors offer a greater level of convenience when it comes to installation and upkeep.

This blog gives 5 useful tips for easy maintenance of concrete look porcelain tiles in the following –

  1. Dry-mopping or removing dust with broomstick is the basic maintenance requirement. Doing so adds to the cleaning and hygiene standards of the room, in addition to that, it prolongs their durability.
  2.  Once this is done, focus on the corners and joints between tiles. These are the places that often have left over dust particles. Use small brush to remove and collect dust and debris from these areas.
  3. Do not scrub while trying to remove stains off your concrete look porcelain. Scratching will affect the look of the tiled surface as well as damage the tile surface, eventually striking the quality of the tiles.
  4. Porcelain tiles are technically stain resistant. However, if there are stains, you should use suggested solutions only. Use commercial “porcelain only” cleansers in order to remove stains. You could also use a vinegar-water mixture to remove stains from your concrete look porcelain tiles.  Remember, no chemicals.
  5. Dry the floor completely after wet mopping the floor. This ensures there are no leftover marks of cleanser, water or detergent on the tile surface after drying. Use dry mop or dry towel for this exercise.

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