Champagne Toast Interlocking Mosaic Blend Tile is the latest addition to our wide and exclusive mosaic tile collection. This artistically designed tile is a brilliant blending of glass, metal, and stone mosaics, assembled in offset brick pattern. The tile adds gorgeous shine and substantiality to your bathroom wall, when you install it for backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen.

Here are 5 reasons to have Champagne Toast Interlocking Mosaic tiles for backsplash (and also for indoor walls) –

Cost-Effective –

Beauty at affordability! This glass, metal and stone mosaic tile is a perfect example of that. For the box of 20 tiles (of 12” X 12”) you have to pay on $270.

DIY-friendly –

You can save more cost by choosing to install these tiles by yourself. These tiles are easy to install, they do not require additional training for installation. If you know how to install tiles, you can surely install these tiles too.

You do not have to create the mosaic pattern, the tile comes with mosaics preinstalled in offset brick pattern. You have to apply them on your backsplash with tile adhesive, grout them, and allow them to cure – just like any other tile project.

Look –

The tile features browns, mochas, creams, and beiges in mixed finishes to give your wall or backsplash a dramatic appeal. The mosaics of glass in this tile help enhance the shine of your space, turning your wall into an attention-grabber.

Low on Maintenance –

Once installed adequately, the tiles require nearly no efforts at all. You only have to ensure that there is no dust and dirt on the surface. For this, you will need to wipe the surface with a commercial grade or home-made cleansing solution.

Extended Durability –

This mosaic tile prolongs the life and performance of your home structure, by saving it from splash of water and moisture, and related conditions like moisture damage and allergens. The tile comes with a rigid finish that protects it from daily tear-wear and use-abuse.

Buy Champagne Toast Interlocking Mosaic Blend Tiles now! Or if you are looking for more, browse through our Stone, glass and metal mosaic tile collection.