Vinyl tiles are a cost effective yet equally beautiful replacement for natural stone, porcelain, metal, glass and wooden tiles. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are printed tiles having prints that imitate the look of real wood or natural stones.

Easy to Work With

LVTs offer a durable, but less permanent flooring option. If you want to change the look of one of your room for some time, however in limited budget, LVT is the choice to go with.

If you frequently like to change the design of your indoor areas, then also this flooring material is a good choice. These tiles offer a great convenience when it comes to maintenance and installation. It is a popular choice among DIY-doers – or the people who love to design and redesign and then, redesign their home on their own.

Dent Resistant

For other flooring materials such as concrete, wood, natural stone and even porcelain, dents and damages are pretty common. However, with LVT, dents and damages aren’t such a big concern.

Moisture Resistant

Weather-borne moisture or dampness does not really mess the LVT floor surfaces. This material does not fade, chips, or gets damaged due to moisture beneath the surface.

However, prolong presence of moistness below the LVT surface can cause an unpleasant smell in your room. So, you will need to ensure proper ventilation and adequate measures in your home specifically in wet zones.

Being water proof, these tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

Demote Heat

In awfully hot summer, laying vinyl tiles in your room can offer some relief. Heat resistance and providing insulation are the characteristics of LVT.

Simple Soundproofing

If you are looking to add quietness into your living space, you would be surprised to know that LV tiles provide built-in soundproofing, without adversely impacting the air quality index of your indoor areas.

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