Extra large format tiles are in trends. They are easier to install and help make your small space appear bigger. They minimize the use grout, and make your walls and floors look less busy. These tiles do more than that.

Here are some of the astounding looks of extra large format tiles –

Dining Area Flooring –

The tile used on the restaurant flooring above is - Legend Moka 20x20 Matte Porcelain. It features a soothing palette of gorgeous cream and beige tones to offer a natural stone look.

Outdoor/Patio Flooring –

Our Legend Grey 20x20 Matte Porcelain tile offers an authentic natural stone effect for your indoor and outdoor space, apart from adding warmth, depth, and interest to your floors and walls.

Kitchen Flooring –

Our Legend White 20x20 Matte Porcelain tiles add look and durability to your space, in addition to being an affordable material. You can use it in your restaurant or home’s kitchen to create a neat and clean ambiance, as shown in the image above.

Waiting Area/Lounge Flooring -

Large format tiles are an ideal choice for commercial applications. You can use our Dimensions Gris 24x24 Matte Porcelain tile forthe flooring ofyour office, hotel, or hospital’s waiting area. This gray tile offers the look of traditional gray poured cement or concrete flooring.

Kitchen cum Dining Area –

Our Antoni Wood Look 6x36 Matte Porcelain tiles come in the shape and size of traditional wood plank to create a next to accurate wood effect in your kitchen and dining areas.

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