Limestone is a natural – or shall we say, naturally beautiful and naturally strong – stone, which you can use to deck up walls and floors in your home. Limestone forms as a result of accumulation of coral, shell, and algae. Some varieties of limestone rocks are formed by crystallization of water over a period of millions of years.

Whichever way the limestone rock has formed, the limestone tile you are going to buy will add a highly elegant feature to your space, apart from a proud feeling to your heart. Here are 4 limestone tiles you can use to create a lovely-looking indoor design –

Coastal Sand Honed 12x24 Limestone

This stone tile, as the name might suggest, adds a sandy texture to your floor, however, with a smooth and shiny finish. This Mexican stone tile can be used in living area, kitchen, bathroom, and many other indoor spaces.

Sea Grass 18x18 Honed

This honed limestone tile from Turkey adds some grass greens and grays to your lifestyle, and give you a chance to live close to nature. You can use this easy-to-maintain stone tile for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Lagos Azul 18x18 Honed

This limestone tile is from Portugal, and it adds a blue and beige texture to your indoor spaces, and dependable robustness and eye-catching draw to your home.

Gascogne Beige 18X18 Honed

Gascogne Beige is a honed limestone tile from Portugal, featuring rich variations of creams, grays, and ivory. You can include this stone tile for designing almost any indoor and outdoor area of your home.

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