Palisandro is a type of marble which is available in two variants and comes from two different countries – White Palisandro Marble comes from Turkey and Gray Palisandro Marble is quarried in Italy. The stone is widely used for indoor and outdoor projects to achieve high-end design.

So, how different this stone is from other varieties of marble?

Technically, there are no differences, except for the color and the country of origin or location. When you use Palisandro Marble Stone tiles in your home, you add countless advantages to the structure of your home. Such as –

Look –

Marble is marvelous. It helps you create a marbleous visual appeal in your home interior. The stone promises a elegant outlook for your space with its naturally occurring veining and swirling pattern of white-gray background.

There are only a few materials that can match the class offered by our Palisandro Marble stone tiles and mosaics.

Strength & Durability -

The stone forms naturally that under the earth’s crust. These stone tiles have a great strength, and offer lifelong durability.

If you ensure right installation and care, Palisandro marble, walls, backsplashes, and counters will last literally forever.

Stain Resistance –

Marble is a porous surface, and it is quite easy for it to catch stains. However, some marble tiles, like our Palisandro Marble Stone Tiles, come with a rigid surface finish. The finish is added to the stone to block its pores. This process gives the stone a magnetic shine, and with that, a superior degree of stain resistance.

Scratch Resistance -

 The finish applied on the Palisandro Marble stone gives it another highly-desired feature – scratch resistant. These stone tiles are able to avoid minor scratches and small impacts pretty easily.

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