Meshed pebbles or pebble tiles help you create a unique and durable indoor ambiance. These are tiles with pebbles affixed firmly on a square (12 inches X 12 inches) mesh. It is because of this mesh that you can have pebbles for your flooring and walls.

Otherwise, installing pebbles one by one pieces by pieces would be a hard to achieve job. You can use our meshed pebble tiles just like any other tile. It is as easy as that. And in return, you get a completely offbeat, natural draw for your space.

Here are 3 awesome ways you can use meshed pebbles in your home –

Flooring around Tub or in Shower –

How cool would that be! Coming out of tub or shower and putting your feet on pebbles!!

You can use our meshed pebbles for creating floor in your bathroom, specifically around tub and in shower. The tile used in the picture above is Puebla Greigel 12x12 Polished Pebbles.

Kitchen Wall and Backsplash –

Pebbles can add a dramatic appeal to your kitchen design. You can use our Black and White 12 X 12 Tumbled Pebble Tiles to get the look above.

Pebbles on the wall will leave no stone unturned in catching the attention of onlookers.

Bathroom Floor –

Use our Athens Honeycomb Halo Pebble Tiles and turn your bathroom into an area with the most beautiful flooring you have ever seen!

This honeycomb pattern tile has precut mosaic pieces hand assembled and lends a cool geometric design on your flooring.

Looking for more? Visit our meshed pebble tile collection and place your order today!