Mirror glass tiles, as the name says, are mirror glass. But there is a difference. They are not as delicate and vulnerable as your bathroom mirror.

They are stronger. And that’s the reason why they are mirror glass tiles that can be used on any indoor wall project; yes, they wouldn’t be a good choice for floor projects.

In this blog, we talk about some of the biggest advantages of using mirror glass tiles in your home –

Illusion of More Space

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” So, even if the walls in your room are closer, but the use of mirror glass tiles will create an illusion that the room is larger and more spacious.

You can use these tiles on the walls of your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, and for design features in area of your home.

Simple Cleaning and Care

Other materials demand a careful approach for cleaning and maintenance. Mirror glass is a completely non-porous surface.

So, it is next to impossible for dust, dirt, spills and stains to be there for long time. Just spray some water on the tile and wipe it with the help of a clean try cotton cloth. To shine the mirror glass tiles, spray the water and wipe and dry it up with an old newspaper.

Color Choices

Mirror glass tiles can be available in a variety of colors and assembling patterns to choose from. Be it any color or pattern, you will get all the advantages that any other glass or mirror glass tile offers.

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