Basketweave pattern tiles are beautiful mosaics that have been assembled in a way to form the patterns commonly seen on a handwoven basket. These tiles render an ongoing popping or series on your walls and floors. If you are looking to give your interior design an interesting gaze, basketweave pattern tiles could be a choice to go with.

This WallAndTile blog lists some striking wall and floor design ideas with basketweave pattern tiles. Check out the following –

Crema Cappuccino Polished Basketweave Tile

A crema cappuccino product, this basketweave pattern tile renders warmth and elegance in your home interior. You can use this polished natural stone tile in your kitchen to create basketweave series on your wall and backsplash. Couple it with natural stone counter to enhance the feel in your kitchen ambiance.

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Greecian White Polished Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Sprinkle some modern styling on your bathroom wall with this Greecian White Basketweave Tile. It is also a natural stone (white marble) product that will enhance to the substance and tone of your interior design.

You can use this polished marble basketweave pattern tile in your bathroom and other interior applications such as kitchen wall, entryway wall, and as the flooring of some low traffic areas.

Buy this Greecian White Polished Basketweave Mosaic Tile here.

Marmara White Polished Basketweave Tile

Give your bathroom floor design an upbeat, unique twist! Try Marmara White Basketweave Tile to add character to your bathroom floor. This large pattern marble basketweave mosaic tile makes an ideal choice for many other indoor applications such as walls, backsplash, and accents.

Buy this Marmara White Polished Basketweave tile here.

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